Greeting from Roma

hello my friends~ im in italy now.
in the hotel, i happen to find a pc which can access to internet for free. so i just come here to check msgs. i took many pic here. it’s really fantastic. i will share them with all of you later. pls wait for it. :)

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  1. Sonic,what are you doing there? You’re really a very lucky guy to visit so many nice places.

  2. i’m eager to see the pics that u just took,for i do wish that i one-day should visit the country u’re now stay in to feel its acient and elegance…

    because i don’t kown whether u can see Chinese there,i used English here .sorry by my bad English

  3. really soo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~lucky guy!
    austria,roma,italy,did you go to sweden or Switzerland before?
    take care of yourself although i always think you have strong independent.
    remember to check the funny mail.hehehe
    and i send a message to you by QQ about the perfume. QQ me when you got the news about it. =)

  4. shaka, 我估计下周有可能抽出点时间先把维也纳现代篇做完。之后会陆续把照片贴出来。现在的设想是按地点来划分成五六个专题来做。不过你可能得等上一段了。办公室里压着一堆事要处理了。

  5. mandy你真有眼光,你挑的香水满大街都找不着。我再转转看吧。实在不行,等我临走的时候,机场免税店就是最后的希望了。不过机场的东西虽然免税,不过价钱一般都不便宜。看你的运气了。



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