First day in vienna office

becos it’s my first day in europ, i got up very early today. about 5’o clock. then having breakfast with 2 children. two cute kids, i like them.  now i just get to office, begin my work. nothing much for today. it should be a good day.

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  1. Hi Sonic :

      I saw your message just now. So how is going there ? Tell me more about your work during these days in Vienna. Now I have settled down and had classes already. It’s getting cold and what about there? I try to allocate some time to do our journal. Hopefully we can see the inception one in the end of this year. Keep in touch. Bye there!

    Liang Fei

  2. hi fairy, everything is fine here. just some routin, almost same as i did in beijing. i live in south of vienna, not very far from alpine and vienna woods. the views here is very beautiful. and becos of far from vienna city center, it’s also very quiet and peace here. the weather is good recently, but in winter, the temperature will be decreace to -30 degree. but it’s so weired, i dont feel so cold here, at least, much better than beijing.

    i will come back to beijing on 12/28. but before that, i could collect some photos of austria.

    keep in touch.



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